Why changes?

Why changes?

I don’t think anyone can argue that the advanced technologies have and will continue to change everything we do. ENIAC, which was called a “Giant Brain” by the press, had real computational power that had speed of 2400x increase compared to human calculation capacity. Total cost of ENIAC was about $487,000 in 1946 and equivalent to $6.74 million today. But it didn’t have your favorite apps or GPS. Plus, you wouldn’t buy that today at least not with that price tag.

Today you have something far more capable and smartER device. And you don’t need 1800 ft2 of space or 18 wheelers to carry around 27 ton device. Your computer fits in your hand and it weighs only 4.87 ounces. Just about anything you can think of, your handheld device can do it. As you can imagine, every industry has been immensely influenced by rapid advancement in technology. And as far as we can see this trend will continue.

Quality Renovation is not immune to changes. No other businesses are for that matter.

We have THREE choices.

  1. Stick with traditional ways of operating business because they are still generating revenue for us. It still works, so why change? That’s the idea.
  2. Or embrace and implement new ways of doing things; training, advertising and CRMs that are relevant and relatable to clients’ life-style today. Business processes that are far more effective and within reach of customer’s everyday life. This approach makes our customer’s life EASIER.
  3. Go Hybrid.

We are not taking side with one of the other, but the demand and the need are clear. We are taking hybrid approach – keep doing everything that’s working well AND adapt changes. People today already have busy life. That’s an understatement. Did you know that the average working adult today receives 147 emails a day? That’s A LOT. Since the proliferation of email usage, blackberry and smartphones in the last 2 decades, our clients are busier and more stressed than ever before. Desperate desire to balance life is non-negotiable to them.

That’s why, at Quality Renovation, we emphasize the importance of staying fluid. We seek out and continue to provide our teams opportunities to stay current and adaptive to client’s needs. Quality training leads to Quality service. This is the culture of Quality Renovation. And that’s how we generate leads; by providing quality service.

Last week, John Gordon, a senior account executive from GAF, showed us how our customers can benefit using their latest app. It’s called GAF e360. This app can save us time in writing proposals. But what kept us interested in training was its feature: 360 degree pre-construction model. Showing sample products always had some limitation to how home owners envision finished work and took long time to make final decisions on specific product selections.

Now with this new tool,

  • We can provide comprehensive proposals that can include all of their preferred product options.
  • This can be done in real time and in stunning 3D model.
  • And for those customers that want feedback from their families and friends, we can provide shareable links to get ‘LIKES’ from them.

We know this new process will help our customers to save time so they can spend more time doing what they desire with their families and loved ones. And while we strive for Quality Service, our customers enjoy Quality Time.

What can we say! We love technologies and benefits they provide for our customers! Accept changes that are necessary and beneficial for people you are serving.